Members and guests are expected to follow community rules.

First and foremost, for the respect of coworkers in the same space.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Keep Your Access Code a Secret.

Your unique access code to be kept to yourself to security reasons. Do not share with anyone else in the office, especially unregistered guests.

Tidy it Up

Help keep office tidy. While housekeeping is scheduled routinely, light housekeeping around your space is up to you! Dispose all your trash and rinse recyclables properly.

Share Available Space

Keep Conference room and Meeting rooms' doors open when not in use. If you require privacy, please reserve the room. Understand that Task Up is a shared office space, do share unassigned seats and lounge use.

Earphones, please!

Please use headphones for calls in common area. Complimentary ear plugs are provided.

Be Aware

In case of emergency evacuations, please be mindful of your movement and exit appropriately. DO not block others.

Show off your dining manners. 

Eating in and around the office is acceptable. Utensils and tableware is provided. Please clean up after your crumbs.

Dish Duties

Wash your used dishes thoroughly. Be courteous to others and avoid pest issues

Wipe Off Your Notes

Clean conference room whiteboard after use. Wipe off your notes!

Your Belongings Belong to You

Don't leave belongs outside of work hours or you will be charged with $10/night storage fees.

Do Not Commit Fraud

Exposure of illegal, inappropriate or threatening content is prohibited. Spreading of false statement and slander is prohibited. Phishing and Spamming through member contacts and forums are prohibited.

At Task Up, Community Guidelines must be respected at all time. Failure to do so will result in revocation of membership and immediately removal from premise without refunds. Any questions, concerns or suspicion of others, please report to

Task Up Member Check-in

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