8 Reasons Task Up is the Worst Coworking Space in Philadelphia

#1. You hate natural light

natural sunlight

Bright, natural sunlight beaming in your face is not healthy. It's crazy distracting and no one wants a part of it. Wrong! Sunlight can lead to a smoother metabolism. Daily dosage of sunlight increases mood and promotes better immune system. All of Task Up's space is exposed to natural sunlight.

#2. You hate privacy

private team office

You really just want everyone talking over you and walking around you. You enjoy eavesdropping on other people's businesses while they spit flash from fiery conversations. Sounds awesome right? Probably not. Sometimes, it's good to have your own space to get the work done. At Task Up, we have privacy rooms and dedicated desks available for an extra level of privacy. Compare plans here.

#3. You hate traveling to work around the globe

work from a beach

You heard me. You hate finding a reason to travel, you dislike being able to work for free from another state or country. If I ask you for $0 in return to go work in Hawaii or New Zealand, would you do it? I'm serious! (disclaimer: flights not included). Our network has the best hook up's. Through our network provider, Proximity, you get to visit other hot coworking spots for free. See your options here!

#4. You hate free coffee

coffee with cream

You enjoy lugging your 5 lb. laptop and your 1 lb. charger in your 10 lb. purse to your favorite coffee shop. (I'm no math genius, but that's heavy for your cute little shoulder). You pray that you find a seat with an outlet nearby. Lucky you! You find a good seat, you buy your $5 cup of joe and $3 slice of cake then you have to go pee. What do you do with your laptop, your bag, your entire life??? You are afraid to leave your belongings, so you bring them into the bathroom with you. You come back out and the seat that is made for you is GONE!!! Don't panic! We have a solution. We have free coffee, tons of outlets to charge your magical device and plenty of seats.

#5. You hate a good deal

save money

You want to pay premium for everything and lock into commitment because it's good for your credit score and your social ratings go up? WHY??! As a business owner, can you imagine working at an office for $7.50 a day including coffee, water, utilities and maintenance? I say that's a SCORE! At Task Up, you can pay $225 monthly for 7 days, 24 hours access. No commitment whatsoever. Call me to find out more about other plans.

#6. You hate people watching

people watching in center city philadelphia

People are the most boring beings, it's no pleasure watching them walk around the street.  You wouldn't want them to stare you back, especially when you are picking your nose or making a funny face for your friend on Snapchat. Actually, watching people trip can be enjoyable at Task Up, since we are on the second floor it's not likely someone will catch you doing the dirty unless they are using a set of binoculars. In that case, you'll have to beware, someone is onto you! Rittenhouse is the best neighborhood for people watching after all. 

#7. You hate being greeted

Hello there!

Who invented Good Morning's and Hello's anyway? Why bother! We get it, you don't want to spread your morning breath and be judged. Don't worry though, our live receptionist don't get in your face. We like to ask you How Are You? at least 2 yards away. Admit it, it feels nice to be acknowledged once in a while. :)

#8. You hate fast wifi

connected through fast wifi

Wifi? What's that? Bring me back to Dial Up age! I know you are kidding. Let's not return to those old days when we have to pound on our $1500 desktops just to bring our internet back to live. I'm not sure if this means anything to you but at Task Up, the download speed is over 180 mbps on any given day. Did I mention what our ethernet speed is yet? Now if that rings a bell, bring your device over. Quick come and test it out!


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