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Task Up Network

Task Up is proud to be partnered with industry standard coworking and rental spaces in Philadelphia and nearby counties. We have options for 1-500 guests, each space is unique with great qualities.

Task Up Flag Ship Location. We own and manage this location.

Task Up Partner Location.

We do not own or manage this location. We are provide referrals and inquiry services.

Center City

Philadelphia, PA

10+ rooms

Great space in the center of Philadelphia. 100% Walk Score, easy access to transportation, restaurant and entertainment. Ideal for 1-30 guests.

Philadelphia, PA

5+ rooms

Gorgeous new construction space with views of the city and the Ben Franklin bridge. In the Chinatown district, with array of culinary delights within walking distance. Ideal for 10-500 guests.

Media, PA

10+ rooms

Located in tight knit community with an urban feel. Enough to swoop you away with their amenities and efficient private rooms to get the job done. Attention Podcasters: This is where the magic happens! Ideal for 1-12 guests.

MyHublet Space

35+ rooms

MyHublet is Task Up's partner space booking platform. Let MyHublet find your perfect space for your next reservation. Explore our expansive network of spaces throughout Philadelphia!

Coming Soon!
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