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Our Mission

Task Up is a company devoted to house the needs of small businesses and corporations. We consider ourselves partners with our clients and our community. We aim to become recognized for our modern take on productivity, capitalizing on innovations and stimulating ideas. Our goal is to incubate creativity, sustain growth and enrich our members' work experience.​​​​

What We Do

Task Up provides scalable, affordable turnkey offices, open desks and community memberships. We pride ourselves in designing a space that welcomes natural energy in an intimate business environment. Our prices are small-business friendly and our terms are flexible. We boast sound-proof phone booth, a modern kitchenette, ample windows and delicious coffee selections! We curate relationship building opportunities, connecting you with likeminded entrepreneurs and team leaders. Join us, as we set the ambiance for a picture perfect work day.

Join Our Force!

We advocate for small businesses within our vicinity of reach. We believe that businesses who connect and grow together succeed faster. If you are manage a business and would like to connect, contact us!

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